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  • We Produce Puzzles
    for the World
    #anatolian • #anatolianpuzzle
    "working on puzzles is an excellent activity for keeping your brain energetic!
    They challange your skills, spatial reasoning and logic"
  • New and Creative
    New Designs, New Collections...
    "Assembling a jigsaw of puzzle together we form ideas and test them.
    So that, people harvest the benefits of coupling imagination with empirical enquiry.
    This is a kind of creativity leads to invection, discovery and problem solving skills in any field."
  • Product Variety...
    Incredible Illustration..!
    Artist Tarık Tolunay, had started this illustration at 2010 and completed at the end of 2017.
    In this map, you can review iconic parts of Istanbul since 1970.
    The project called Fractal Istanbul..."
  • People & History
    Historical Characters by Tolga Ertem...
    Tolga Ertem use a unique colorful painting technique
    at his works. We have many of them in our new catalog 2019…
  • BLACK & WHITE..!
    Stunning & Different Designs
    Try Yourself!
    Extremely Difficult Puzzle Assembling
  • All About "The Puzzle"
    Joy and Fun..!
    "John Spilsbury (1739-1769), a British map maker and engraver,
    who is credited as inventor of jigsaw puzzles.
    Nowadays, this become and interesting activity for all ages. Happy Puzzling…"

Spielwarenmesse 2019 /Nürnberg

Thank you for visiting us at Spielwarenmesse Fair at Nürnbeng Germany, 2019...

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Educational Products
from Perre Group

Our new Educational Anatolian Products released within our new product range...

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Puzzle Roll and Glue
now with our own brand

Assembling puzzles are more practical with Anatolian accessories...

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2019 New Designs

    Frido Kahlo /1071
    Lift My Heart (I) /1082
    Cats On The Beach /3322
    Three Owls /3605
    Biking in Tuscany /1068
    Solar System /3946


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  • casadelpuzzle"Dejemos que el pasado sea el pasado." (Homero, VIII AC-VIII AC. Poeta y rapsoda griego antiguo al que tradicionalmente se le atribuye la autoría de las principales épicas griegas: la Ilíada y la Odisea.) Si quieres comprar este puzzle en nuestra tienda, búscalo en nuestra web: casadelpuzzle"Puzzle Anatolian Restos del Pasado de 1000 Piezas"

    Oct. 29th, 2018
  • "And then... it was done, Anatolian 4909 - Café Manzara Overlook Café I (3K)…

    Oct. 28th. 2018

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Anatolian Catalogue Archive (pdf)

Anatolian Puzzle Catalogue /2018
Anatolian Puzzle Catalogue /2017
Anatolian Puzzle Catalogue /2016

Royalties and Licenses

We have been manufacturing all our products with high level technology equipped in our factory, located in Ankara, Turkey. We make agreements for an each image with our respective license companies or world wide artists, photographers, illustrators and painters

Missing Piece Support

Anatolian Puzzle provides to the customers "Missing Piece Support" in free of charge. The puzzle pieces are shipped to the world by post (landline) to the given addresses... Missing Piece Form

International Sales and Export

Anatolian Puzzle is a premium brand of Perre Group and manufacturing in high level equipped factory. Puzzle products are exported to 22 countries worldwide...

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Irina Timusheva Wonderful James Lee with 1000 details. I have puzzle only with 500 details. I want it in my collections, it will be even more fun and joy

Irina Timusheva /Facebook

Buenas tardes!Por que llegan muy pocos modelos a México? Saludos!!! Gracias, me encantan sus modelos!!!

Carmen Baldeón Leyva /Facebook

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